And thus is born this weird figure of the dark . . .

“Geeks* are a complex lot. So my blog must be able to provide interest not only to those steeped in geekdom, but those on the periphery like myself. I must become a creature of the web, humorous and absurdly fixated upon things no sane adult man would write about.”

As if in answer a huge blog flies in the open window!

“A blog! That’s it! It’s an omen. I shall become a blogger!

Holy strained introduction Batman! My name is Karl Cross (and yes, the fact my name is alliterative has given me unrealistic expectations of becoming a superhero). The purpose of this blog is to examine and discuss a wide range of pop cultural oddities from cult television to comic books to video games from the perspective of a mere dilettante, I will not be referencing such treasured and esoteric titles as Amazingly Obscure Comics 234#: The Enigmatic Emergence of Europium Man!, for instance. Nor will I expect you to have a particularly keen grasp of why Gordon Freeman could most definitely take the Master Chief in a fight (there goes my potential Halo fanbase readership!). As time goes on, I’m hoping to be able to feature the work of other writers (read; shamelessly piggyback on the talent of others) and provide a unique perspective into the world of all things “geek”.

And so it goes.

Odd things that bug me. 

Why doesn’t Batman drive an ambulance? Or a fire engine? I mean, seriously? If watching The PowerPuff Girls as a kid taught me anything, it’s that not even the most technologically advanced auto-mobile in the world can overcome the dreaded threat of urban congestion. Sure, he could drive over roof tops ala Batman Begins, but that just brings in the whole issue of property damage. Not sure the people of Gotham will appreciate being woken up in the middle of the night to find Batman performing wheelies on their roof. Though I personally would love that shit. Also an ambulance is far less likely to attract attention, provided Batman can restrain himself from painting it black and sticking a giant bat head on the front.

Continuity in comics is a mess and a half, to put it extremely mildly. My first foray into the world of comics came as I began collecting UK re-prints of Spider Man (Panni’s Astonishing Spider Man to those who are interested) and despite coming in towards the end of the hilariously over-long (and overwrought) Clone saga. To a young lad with little prior knowledge of spider-lore it was, at times, utterly impenetrable; characters constantly referencing  events of obvious importance yet little explanation beyond “See Astonishing Spider Man 96”, side-characters popping up to offer cryptic and foreboding monologues before vanishing and strange sub-plots of questionable relevance that seemed to come out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly.As time wore on my disenchantment grew and my interests began to turn to the far more satisfying and coherent tales offered by graphic novels. To a kid who had been reading nineties Spider Man, Batman: Year One and V for Vendetta were utterly mind blowing. More on this subject later.

The fact that Twin Peaks was cancelled. Yeah, I’m still angry and if you’ve seen the ending, you’ll know why. Lost (which itself owes a debt to Lynch’s nightmarish crime-drama) was allowed to drag on for six painful seasons before resolving itself in a conclusion so utterly bereft of imagination that it must be ranked along side “and it was all a dream” for sheer creative laziness (and there go any potential Lost fans).

Frank Miller.

*DISCLAIMER: This is not a website for people who bite the heads off of chickens.**

**No, not even for money.***

***Unless it’s a lot of money. In which case this is totally a website for people who bite the heads off of chickens.


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